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For Sale By Owner Services

TeamOne Transaction Coordinating now offers services to assist owners with the sale of their property who are not represented under real property Agency by a licensed real estate agent or broker. The real estate sales process has come a long way from the one page purchase agreement utilized in the 1970's, and now, depending on the type of transaction, can have a few dozen disclosures and relevant documents required under state real estate law.

There are many reasons an owner has for not signing a listing with an agent or broker, the primary of which is usually the 'more time than money' factor. This makes perfect sense in a practical, economic manner of speaking but for those inexperienced in the many intricate details of marketing a property for sale and the hassles that can occur during the transaction itself, both money and time can go down the drain.

In our experience as real estate professionals, we have seen a variety of things that can go wrong in a deal and must 'for sale by owner'  seller end up listing with a licensed agent. This usually happens after their property is on the market for sale six months or more with no offers or during the transaction, the deal became so complicated and frustrating that the seller needed to enlist the services of a helping hand.

That is where TeamOne Transaction Coordinating Services can be of assistance to 'for sale by owner' seller who have their site posted on one of the many websites that assist seller with the marketing of their properties. These firms will post the property on their web site, and many even offer 'Entry Only' MLS listing of the property by a licensed agent/broker member of the Service for a fee.

TeamOne Transaction Coordinating Services offers multiple packages for sellers starting with the basic Entry Only Listing for $499.00 which includes: a licensed agent or broker of our firm listing the property for sell on behalf of the property owner> Selling agents for the buyer will recognize the listing as 'limited service' with the property owner's contact information reflected under the 'Showing Instructions' caption of the page.

DID YOU KNOW....pursuant to MLS rules as well of statutory requirements, not only is a listing agreement submission required prior to a brokerage listing any property for sale on the MLS but the property disclosures, and listing form, and a minimum of one photo. Under our  Entry Only MLS listing service agreement, the seller signs an 'Exclusive Listing Agreement so the only commission due under the terms of the contract would be due to the selling or buyer's agent as the cooperating broker/agent.

While we offer the Entry Only MLS Listing Service for the flat fee of $499.00, we recommend selecting the next tier of service in our transaction management packages, which is the Transaction Document Preparation Service. Upon selecting this option, you will be assigned to a licensed agent (transaction coordinator certified by the California Association of Realtors) who will prepare all of the required disclosures for signature set up electronically through DocuSign and forwarded to the client as well as buyers when an offer is accepted.

NOTE: this package does not include preparing the purchase agreement; however, the seller prepared purchase agreement will be reviewed by the assigned agent to ensure all dates, signatures, and information is accurate. The purchase agreement form can be provided with the Transaction Document Preparation Service but not prepared by the agent.

The Transaction Document Preparation Service package is $999.00 which includes two free consultations with a real estate broker and a Broker's Opinion of Value. NOTE: the consultations will include only professional opinions and recommendations regarding the listing. The broker will not contact the buyer or selling agent regarding matters of the transaction as the action of this manner can be legally considered as an agency arrangement where a party authorizes an agent or third party to act on their behalf.

The combined Entry Only MLS Listing Service and Transaction Document Preparation Service is offered for a reduced fee of $1,299.00