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Rest assured that whether you represent the buyer, seller or both parties, your TeamOne TC is on top of their game! 

* Review all contracts, disclosures and addenda for completion, dates and signatures. 

* Be responsive, courteous and professional at all times. 

* Work cooperatively and respectfully with all parties.

* Provide agent important time frames of the transaction (i.e., contingency removals, inspections, etc.).

* Ensure that each side of the transaction is provided with the information that is requested. 

* Ensure that all activity on transaction is noted and documented. 

* At the close of escrow, your TC will send you a closing package containing your entire BRE compliant transaction for your records! 

​* Last, but Never Least, ensuring that our clients are happy at the end of closing! If you're not happy, we're not happy!

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TeamOne utilizes a superb transaction management system system called EZ Coordinator that allows the staff transaction coordinator to smoothly process deals for agents and property owners. TeamOne accepts the concept of dual agency, and has fiduciary duties to not only service the client but the parties they represent as well as the cooperating broker. Under the policies, procedure and company protocol, TeamOne staff is required to provide timely, courteous, customer friendly service to all parties to the transaction and that is our pledge to you as the customer.